Fidget Tortoise Squeeze Toy Pop Out Head - Black

Fidget Tortoise Squeeze Toy Pop Out Head - Black

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Tortoise Squeeze Toy Pop-Out Head

A good calming tool, simple but effective, can relieve stress and anxiety.

Have fun and eliminate stress for hours.

It can increase concentration by guiding energy and keep hands quiet, thereby helping children and adults in a state of stress or anxiety.

The toy helps to identify and stabilize mental performance.

When thinking and brainstorming, some people squeeze things.
Decompression toys with special needs.

It is an ideal toy for children and adolescents suffering from autism, ADD and ADHD.

Squeeze the turtle pressure ball, the cute turtle shape, relieve stress. You can hold the ball tightly to release your emotions and reduce stress in work and life.

What's in the box
1 x Tortoise Squeeze Toy Pop Out Head