V-Bag Tracker

V-Bag Tracker

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Know where your bags are with Alcatel's MOVETRACK connected with a V-Sim. Clip it on or put it into your bag and you'll be able to track its location straight to your phone.

We all dread that moment when you reach for your bag and it's not where you left it. Now with Alcatel's MOVETRACK GPS tracker, you can quickly find it again.

Just open the app to see where it is on a map, then follow the directions to its location.

Stay connected
MOVETRACK has up to 4-day battery life, and a water and dust resistant design for peace of mind. Keep on top of the location of your bag and its valuable contents on your phone or tablet using the MOVETRACK app.

It gives you peace of mind at your fingertips.

Safe Zone
Set safe zones in the MOVETRACK app so you can tell exactly where your bags should stay and in areas with Vodacom coverage and GPS signal you'll receive instant alerts to your smartphone if your bag is moved outside the zone.

Water resistance, Rain / puddle proof
Shock and weather resistant
Rechargeable Battery? 460mAh Li-ion
Location services

CPU: 4MB RAM, ROM 16MB, GSM 2G 850 / 1900 MHz, Slots: nano sim - USB 2.0
Weight 33g

Set up:
Step 1
Download the V by Vodafone app.

Step 2
Scan the V-Sim to activate your service.

Step 3
Download the MOVETRACK app and follow the instructions.

Step 4
Activate your Alcatel MOVETRACK in the MOVETRACK app.

What's in the box
1x V-Bag Tracker
1x Charger
1x Vodacom Sim card